Mind the Gap

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Did you fall in the gap?  There’s this gap that has existed since the beginning of digital media between the biggest, most robust home-user system and the smallest, most cost-effective commercial system.   Start-ups without a lot of capital had no choice but to cobble together PC parts to make a server, and for those starting a flower shop or a catering service, maybe that’s all they would need anyway.  For those who were jumping into filmmaking, advertising, design, video game and app development, or any other creative field, taking the leap required much more than a sense of adventure and a weekend to convert the garage.  If you are a team of two, but the projects you want to pursue require SSD storage, you were basically out of luck.  Your choices were to purchase the smallest system you can even though you will be paying for a great deal more than you need, or accept that you can’t have an SSD system and need to get used to disappointment.  

No more!  Now, technology exists that has created a hybrid system—a layer of SSD integrated with standard spinning-disk storage so you can have the best of both worlds.  No need to install fiber—it works with standard ethernet, which makes it much more convenient for smaller companies who can’t afford to re-wire their entire office.  In a few minutes and a few clicks, which are very user-friendly, you’re up and running with just enough SSD to get the job done and plenty of storage space for the stuff that doesn’t really need SSD.  This option can save tens of thousands over the previously available systems, particularly when you consider the additional hardware and cabling that would also have been needed to make them work.  With this, you have everything the huge studios have, but just enough for your team, at a cost that actually makes sense.  Plug and Play with the Big Kids.

If you have always wanted a SAN, need SSD, but just know that there’s no way you can afford it, you’re officially wrong.  You were totally right for a long time, but times have changed.  They do that rather quickly around these parts.  

Call us.  We’ll “hook you up.”  

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