About Skytech Media Solutions

It's time to experience the Skytech Difference

Who We Are

We are technicians and consultants with deep ties to the professional video production world. But more than that, we are a group of people who believe in the power of customer first thinking.

We expect big things from each other. A SkyTech professional is expertly trained on all our products. A SkyTech professional will never sell a customer anything they do not need. And finally, a SkyTech professional must always go the extra mile for our customers and ourselves.

We also expect big things from our customers. We need them to understand that we do not deal in the absolute, bargain basement equipment, services, or solutions. There will always be a reason we ask a question and on occasion, there will be times when no one likes our answers. We both need to agree that creating and maintaining a production workflow of any significant size is not easy or simple. If it were, then those bargain basement 'one size fits all' solutions would work for everyone.

People First

Engineering and Technical Support is what we do, and we do it well, but it’s not who we are. At SkyTech, you have a personal relationship with your Engineer, who will remember your vacation stories and be happy to hear from you. We insist on working only with our friends. When you join the SkyTech family, you delegate all of your technical needs, but you also develop a real relationship with someone who truly cares about you and what you do.

There are many different manufacturers represented in our available products, and if there’s something you want but don’t see, we can likely still get it for you. We don’t belong to one manufacturer, because there’s no such thing as one product that meets all needs. It can be so difficult to use online research to make technical decisions when you realize how much of that material was written by the manufacturer themselves. If the copy was approved by marketing, chances are it’s not going to be 100% forthright about their shortcomings.

Everyone needs a friend who happens to be an Engineer... someone who can tell you what's truly right for you, not what would be the best option from one particular catalog, and someone you can trust to tell you the truth, like steering you away from a large purchase that wouldn’t be in your best interest. We want to be that friend.

Whether you need a 40+ user shared storage solution or just need more back-up tapes, going through SkyTech means you’ll enjoy the conversation, and we’ll make sure you get the right adaptor if you need one. Trade thirty minutes of ineffective research for ten minutes on the phone with us and you’ll truly feel the SkyTech difference.