Don’t let this happen to you!

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“My car is running fine. Don’t tell me I need to replace some expensive part. I’m not authorizing any of those ‘recommended repairs,’” said the angry driver when seeing list on the bottom of the routine maintenance receipt. The following week, the same driver was angrily calling for road-side assistance. 

Victim of the Universe, or Blind Self-Saboteur? 

“My system is fine! You come in telling me that some part inside this expensive equipment isn’t working to capacity and I’m supposed to try to authorize an upgrade when there’s nothing wrong?” said the end-user who didn’t understand the gravity of the potential data loss, just before a major crash.

Tow trucks make a living assisting those who may or may not have been as diligent as they should have been on their vehicle repairs, because at one time or another, that’s all of us. There is no tow truck for digital media, and unlike a broken car, which still exists even if it’s broken, a lost file is gone forever. There’s nothing left to tow.

No matter how busy you get, remember to keep up on oil changes, get a mechanic you trust and stick with them, and take care of your vehicle so it can get you where you need to go. And if you don’t have a maintenance contract for your digital media storage, having an engineer check on the status of your system should also be done every three months, but you don’t have to remember that one—once it’s set up, we come on schedule.

I know! If you set up a service contract, whenever you see your SkyTech engineer, it’s time to get an oil change on your car. Problem solved. Glad to help.

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