Sir SAN, and the Knight of Routine Maintenance saved the day!

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One of the wonderful companies who works with SkyTech Media Solutions had their SAN (Storage Area Network) digital storage in place when a huge power spike took out some of their equipment. Thanks to the back-up power supply and file redundancy, the system switched to the back-ups immediately and nothing was lost. They are working on an upgrade to replace the now-damaged equipment and to expand to allow for planned growth. What could have been tragic was instead a relief and an opportunity to invest in infrastructure for the future.

In this field, no news is good news. We advise our partners when their equipment can be repaired, when it needs to be replaced or upgraded, and we maintain the system so that we get the most out of every piece of equipment we service without recommending more than is needed or letting an outdated component put the system at risk. We’re here to keep the system running at its best so you don’t have to think about it, which means if we do our job, life is uneventful. 

Excitement is a huge part of entertainment, but when we turn on our computers Monday morning, the last thing we want is excitement. We all just want things to work like they are supposed to work with absolutely no surprises, jump-scares, or demons to vanquish. 

SkyTech is thrilled to report that the exciting demon of data-loss is once again vanquished, having failed to do any real damage, thanks to the predictable protection of a boring, often overlooked service contract. Rarely do we have the opportunity to see first-hand the demon we are fending off, but when the Powers That Be hit a large geographic region with an electrical surge, we get a glimpse. 

All Hail routine maintenance. Huzzah!

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