Smiles for Storage

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Smile if you take care of your digital media storage like you take care of your teeth. On second thought, don’t.

Preventative maintenance is seldom exciting, rarely celebrated, and often overlooked. We forget to schedule with the dentist unless there’s pain, and the first thing the dentist always tells us is that we should be coming in for our routine cleanings. Life is just too full and exciting to make time for the boring stuff. More often than not, we end up spending more time and money on the results of our neglect than we would have on the routine maintenance, we kick ourselves, remember the last time we had this exact problem, promise we will never let it happen again, and promptly forget. It’s human nature.

What if your company’s media storage had a toothache? It doesn’t hurt, but it might involve symptoms like slowing down, taking longer to load files, or otherwise acting unexpectedly. We usually roll our eyes and restart our computer, or something similar, until the problem is so ridiculous it can’t be ignored, and we feel we are the victims of our technology when we are the ones causing the problem. 

Didn’t want a root canal? Should have gone to your routine cleanings.

Didn’t want to lose millions of dollars worth of irreplaceable footage or creative content that can’t be recreated and is now lost to time and regret? Just thinking about it makes my teeth hurt.

If you don’t have a service contract for your digital media storage, you already know you’ve skipped a step, and all of the “I’ll get to it” promises in the world won’t bring back a lost file. Take the time to set it up, then let someone else handle it, on schedule, so that all you have to do is smile.

And you should probably set a dental check up. Me too. I’ll do it if you do.

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