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If you suddenly lost power at work, what would happen? Most of us would say that whatever we were actively working on will be lost but the rest would probably be ok, assuming no major damage was done to the equipment in the serge right before the power blew. For those working in a high-demand creative position with giant files and large team, such as in the entertainment industry and design houses, those files might be worth millions of dollars. They can’t be lost—it’s just not an option.

Except that it is an option, and the Universe doesn’t really care how inconvenient it is. It might happen, it might not, and there’s nothing you can do about it but try to be ready.

We all know there is a right way to power down the computer and it doesn’t like to be powered down any other way. You turn it on and it wants to do a quick check to make sure the drives are intact because it lost power suddenly. For larger systems, larger solutions are needed.

Internal back-up batteries don’t allow you to continue working during a power failure, they provide power tp the equipment and trigger an auto-shut-down feature so that nothing is damaged in the shut-down. It’s like getting a warning one minute before the event so you can hit save and turn the system off in the nick of time, except it’s automatic. If you need to keep working, you need generators or someone to come in and turn the power back on, but the equipment is safe.

Call SkyTech to see what might be available for your office. If the Universe randomly selects you for power failure, be ready. Don’t let the Universe win.

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