Summer is hard on tech

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Summer is hard on tech.

Have you ever noticed how hot old tech used to get?  I had a special lap-desk for my lap-top because I couldn’t use it on my lap without burning myself, especially in the summer.  It was more the change in wardrobe than the actual heat of the CPU, I’d imagine, but the ambient temperature couldn’t have been helping any.  I’m glad they figured that out.  Go them.

But not everything electronic has made the leap to the magic that prevents overheating, and some are just out of luck—they require too much power to avoid heating up and no one can fix it, so fans are built in.  That’s what makes old computers noisy before they die—the fan is working too hard to keep up with overheating components due to years of dust build-up in the vents, etc.

If you have an equipment room and it isn’t a comfortable temperature in there year-round, something is wrong.  A well-designed tech-room will have proper ventilation to keep the system cool and dry—the ideal state for all electronics.  We can’t all knock holes in walls to create ventilation where none was originally installed, but there are always options that don’t involved just letting the equipment overheat.

The NAS doesn’t have a summer wardrobe, and if it’s too warm in there, overheated components start to break downCall your Engineer, or set an appointment with SkyTech to have an Engineer come out and assess the situation.  You may be considering a vacation, but your poor equipment fans are working overtime.

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