The Value of Loyalty

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We’re all challenged every day with choices, and generally we’d like to think we make good ones.  Our decisions are guided by a ton of details and most of them change constantly, from the actual logical facts involved to your mood and what’s on your mind at the moment.  Loyalty is also a factor.

Do you buy the same brands over and over in some things?  Like how one brand of cheese tastes like cheese and another tastes like processed yuck, so you always grab your brand?  That’s loyalty.  You decided to buy them for some reason, and you liked their products, so you just naturally gravitated to their products in future purchases.  You might shop around for a product at some point, but if it came down to it, you’d be willing to pay just a little bit more to purchase from a known and trusted brand rather than take a gamble.  Sure, sometimes that means you miss out on new stuff, but once the hype dies down and you can get a solid review before you decide, you’ll still get everything you want.  The best part is that you avoid getting a bunch of disappointing stuff.  You actually save money in the long run if you aren’t constantly trying to fix the last purchase on which you took a gamble that didn’t pay off just to save a few bucks.  

Here’s the weird thing.  People trust brands more than each other.  I have more faith in a massive, faceless company to do as they said they would than I do in the people I know personally, and I’m not alone in that.  There is no customer service department to fix things when the kids didn’t take out the trash and now the house stinks, not that customer service is a fabulous experience either.  We may or may not have been let down by a company, and if we ever were we would change companies, but we’re let down by people all the time, and it impacts our decisions every day whether we know it or not.

Assuming that others won’t do their job, or at least planning for when others might fail, just in case, isn’t all that healthy for either party, and too many people spend way too much of their lives planning for how they are going to handle it when other people let them down.  You can’t be loyal to people you can’t trust.  Brand loyalty makes it much easier to shop for things.  Imagine how much time you are wasting planning for failures that may not manifest when building trust and establishing loyalty would make everyone so much more comfortable and effective, it’s just scary to let other people in because of the people who have let us down, and thus the cycle continues.

As Value Added Resellers, Skytech sells the same stuff at the same price as just about anyone else, but we come with the package.  If there’s a new thing you might be able to use, we will tell you, so you don’t have to trade away cutting-edge to keep your loyalty intact.  We know what’s wrong with your system and we can fix it, or tell you what you need to replace if it’s truly gone.  Better still, we strive to prevent anything from actually breaking, which is what routine maintenance is all about.  Instead of doing a ton of research and having to guess on expensive, complex equipment, we can tell you what brands to trust, we make sure it can communicate with all the rest of your equipment, and we install it.  You can trust us.

Loyalty is something we prize.  I personally reach out to customers just as friends whenever I can, because we are people first and job titles last.  We want to make sure you know you can trust us, and that you feel comfortable giving us your loyalty.  We are loyal to you—we will never try to sell you something you don’t need or design a system that exceeds what you are looking for, because making a few extra dollars isn’t worth the loss of your loyalty, just as it isn’t worth saving a few bucks to buy discount cheese.  That stuff is mostly oil and water, I’ve tried it, I’ve regretted it, and I buy the real stuff now without wasting a second to decide.  I’m not selling you the discount cheese, either.  Not proverbially for your system nor literally for your sandwich.  You are worth more to us than that.

What is loyalty worth to you?

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