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Fiction Friday, “Finding Time,” Chapter 3

Through a series of unexpected life events, Matt had found himself on a quest. It wasn’t what he’d planned, but once he found it—or it found him—he couldn’t ignore what he thought of as his calling. It would take an enormous amount of work to start, from becoming a non-profit to setting appointments when


Be Your Best Self

I’m not being secretive or hiding my true self when I close the bathroom door, and I think in general we can all agree that some things aren’t for sharing with others. Maybe there are other places in your work-life where you might close the proverbial bathroom door, if you find you tend towards


Tuesday Tips–Trust is a Thing

As a creative person, I have a very, very hard time relinquishing control of a project. I don’t need help, I need to protect it from harm at all costs, and no one can do exactly what I have in my head but me, so them touching it is harm…


Fiction Fridays, “Finding Time,” Chapter 2

When he returned to the office the next morning to find that the little wheel was still spinning, Matt went straight in to see the boss without even setting his bag down first. “Patrick? I need to talk to you for a minute.”…



Whatcha’ doing tonight? It’s a Thursday, so, probably not much. Dinner, maybe some TV, time fiddling with your phone, tablet or computer clicking on brightly colored apps or scrolling through social media, and if you’re a really interesting person, maybe a hobby…

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