Shared Storage Solutions

“The success of your organization lies in effective storage space. You need a storage solution that gives you control, visibility and automation no matter where your work takes you. Storage solutions from SkyTech can give you exactly what you need.”

All shared storage systems will have some things in common.  They all store files and they can all be accessed by multiple workstations at once—that’s the definition of shared storage.  From there, the individual nuances of each brand’s claim-to-fame come into play.  For example, a studio with nothing, building from the ground up, would really love an EVO—a very sturdy, robust system with all the needed bells and whistles to go with it.  If you have some equipment you’ve already bought and it works, you may be better off exploring GB Labs, who may not be as robust but are platform and operating system agnostic with a method for turning your old equipment into off-line or near-line storage so you don’t have to throw anything away.  Both of those are NAS systems.  If you need a SAN, Symply is the quickest way to get your team up and working at the speed of light—fiber—with desktop options for fixed small teams and rack-mount options for teams on the rise.

Most shared storage systems come in many different sizes, from 32 TB to over 192 TB, and therefore many have options for the small studio and the giant production company alike.

EVO Shared Storage Server: A beautiful blend of total flexibility and performance.

EVO is a complete, networked storage server solution for Video/Film/TV,  graphics, VFX, animation, audio, and broadcast production environments. Don’t pay for extra software. With EVO Shared Storage Server you can use your SAN or NAS to search, index, & preview your assets, share Avid, Adobe, Apple Projects, Bins and Media.

What makes EVO a unique shared storage solution?

EVO is a high performance storage server with the greatest connectivity options available in one product.

Starting under $7k, Evo v5.5 incorporates the latest advancements in hardware and software storage.

EVO gives you complete flexibility with built in SAN and NAS, use one or both simultaneously.

EVO carries enhanced features like volume and pool expansion, SSD, 10GbE, project/bin sharing, RAID 6, and remote monitoring and setup.

EVO is designed for online, real-time use with leading applications such as Smoke, Scratch, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Pro Tools.

Whether your computers are directly connected to EVO, or connected with a switch, share your content using an Ethernet and Fibre channel at a sustained workload of nearly 2.5GB/s.

GB Labs

GB Labs are continuously empowering creative workflows for some of the best-known names in the media and entertainment industry. Much acclaimed for design and innovation within the industry, we have pioneered and perfected SSD shared storage and invented a hybrid disk technology that actually accelerates media workflows.

Their comprehensive range of storage and archiving products serve customers needs from ingest to archive and everything in between. What is more, their solutions are easily scalable in both capacity and performance, with minimal downtime. This scalability means you can ‘buy as you grow’ which helps keep your initial investment low.

Symply/Global Distribution

There are many shared storage systems on the market today. Some are priced high, complex, and well regarded. Others are less expansive, and less complex. The difference is almost universally that lower priced and especially IP shared storage solutions lack enterprise redundancy. With today’s highly demanding workflows, it is just not good enough to have single points of failure in a system. Even the best “next day” support does not help if a system is down and there is a project to deliver.

Symply uniquely offer true 100% Active/Active operation with no single point of failure – 100% redundant operation – Disk, Power, Cooling and Storage Controllers. Symply help customers meet every deadline and deal with component failures later. Large capacity hard disk failures are rebuilt in hours and not days and the technology offers better than RAID 6 redundancy. Unlike other all-in-one products SymplyUltra does not compromise. Not on capacity, capability or cost.

Global Distribution is a specialist distributor and manufacture for digital content acquisition, storage, management, archival and display solutions within the Media, and Enterprise industries. Dedicated to delivering class-leading products and solutions with support and development that is second to none, Global work closely with their vendors, partners and extensive North America, EMEA and APAC reseller network to meet the growing needs of these industries. With a clear focus on understanding the ever-changing requirements in each industry Global are excellently placed to provide technology to fulfill the current and future demands of users.