Lazy Genius

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“Hard work pays off in the future, laziness pays off now.”

You know what sounds amazing right now? A nap. I would love to hit save, walk over to the imaginary giant feather bed in the corner of my office and sink into the pile of 200 mattresses with a contented sigh. 

And in an hour or two when I woke up refreshed and looked at the clock, realizing I now have even less time get all of this done, my nap would look less like a good idea and more like one of the many things Hindsight says I shouldn’t have done. Hindsight, if you can’t be constructive when I really need you, then don’t keep showing up after the fact with your I-told-you-sos when you didn’t tell me anything. Be a friend, Hindsight–show up BEFORE the tragedy next time. 

I’m not calling you lazy. A nap is an extreme example we can relate to, but while no one actually sleeps at work we hit snooze on other things all the time. Even if you set a reminder to chime every 3 months for your oil change, or one when it’s time to schedule your annual physical, you don’t drop everything and make it happen. You’re busy, and life is about constant triage. What’s the most important, what’s bleeding to death right now, and what can wait until I get to it later. Like routine maintenance. If I get an oil change in 6 months instead of 3, at the end, the oil and filter are clean, so what’s the big deal?

The melt-down at the 5 months mark–that’s the big deal. But never mind–that will never happen until it does, regardless of what anyone says, and you’re too busy to handle that today. I get it. Good luck.

Routine maintenance isn’t that hard. You don’t even do it, you just set things up so that someone else makes it happen. For my mechanic, fixing my car is an involved process, or at least it looks like it to me, but for me, it involves a magazine and complementary coffee, so it’s not that hard. But we get lazy–or more likely overwhelmed by everything else–we hit the proverbial snooze button and then wonder why the world crashes over something we probably should have handled a while ago.

Let a SkyTech Engineer handle your NAS/SAN system so you can just keep doing what you do. This is one of those things where a tiny bit of work now–a phone call–sets the stage for being allowed to be lazy in the future. You don’t even have to drink coffee in our waiting room, you just set it up and let the SkyTech Engineer handle it from there.

Geniuses are usually just looking for some clever way to do less work, which is why just about every story involving someone who is supposed to be a genius has to walk the audience through a complicated machine that cooks eggs and makes toast–an incredible investment of labor to afford future laziness. 

Dude, this one is just a phone call. As genius moves go, way easier…

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