The roof, the roof, the roof is on…top.

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Whatever it is you are doing right now involves measures you have taken to protect yourself so you can focus. At this moment, you are likely indoors, away from the elements, you are wearing clothes, the water you drink and air you breathe is safe because we regulate it, and because of all of that and a thousand other things, you can stare at the computer screen and not look over your shoulder for predators. 

The only way to have any control at all is to know ahead of time that you will never be able to control everything, prepare for that, and go from there. Can’t control the weather? Predict it, and build houses that can withstand all of it so you can sit inside and ignore the weather. 

You have a roof. You get it, now apply it to your digital medial storage system. Power surges, the ravages of time and fluctuations in temperature exist, and predictable or not some of these things are simply not in our control. 

Have an engineer design a system that is built to withstand all of it with mirroring to protect the data, like a roof designed to protect you from whatever the weather may bring. Then, have an engineer check it quarterly. That’s like checking the roof for leaks and patching holes as you find them. If you do that, your roof will last 20 years or more. Technological development in digital media storage likely moves faster than advances in roof-tiles and you will probably want to upgrade before you hit the 20-year mark, but you’ll get the longest life-span, and therefore the most for your money, if you take care of what you have.

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